Energy Absorbers Engagement Mobile Ancillary
Energy Absorbers Engagement Mobile Ancillary

 Arresting Systems: Military

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DRB Associates UK

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Every military mission presents its own unique challenges, and ESCO ancillary systems provide a variety of auxiliary products to configure your aircraft arresting system in order to meet those challenges.

We can offer a custom solution for optimal operational performance and mission effectiveness. Our auxiliary systems are fully compatible with our energy absorbers or engagement system combinations.

Radio Remote Control equipment can operate up to four arresting systems from a single central command location without the need for costly hard-wire links between the control tower and the arresting sites.




All system components are readily accessible for simple maintenance and easy trouble-shooting. The Central Command Unit continuously polls the Remote Units electronically to maintain communication signal integrity and provide ATC personnel with the ability to monitor the operational status of the aircraft arresting equipment at all times.

The High Performance (HP) Net is compatible with a wide range of jet aircraft, with higher operating weights, higher engaging speeds, complex wing and fuselage structures, and a variety of external stores.  HP Nets can be customised for almost any application. The variable window design automatically adjusts to the geometry of the engaging aircraft.

The quality, design and durability of the HP Net series offer immediate long-term cost savings through greater safety, extended service life, expanded capability and reduced requirements in maintenance, installation and inventory.

Runway edge sheaves allow the energy absorbers to be located away from the runway edge. They accommodate large wing span aircraft; conform to CAA, FAA and ICAO regulations; and can be used for mobile, expeditionary, and fixed-placement applications.